Pretty imperfection

Caring and sensitive that you were, unpredictably disturbed which was me; doesn't mean; i am still the same reality hits you off the road but i only play virtual images in my brain. although you are out of my sight you stay in my heart: little amount of time we spent, was totally enough for … Continue reading Pretty imperfection


Never give a fuck !

Never give a fuck ! If people ignore you, For them, it is their fate. They are losing a person like you!   Never give a fuck ! If people fail to understand you; Blame the chaos of their mind, Letting them not to know you.   Never give a fuck ! If people forget … Continue reading Never give a fuck !


Turns and twists of life Beautiful and ugly Just leaves a imprint Whose fragrance Cannot be forgotten Wish the time freezes This second to enjoy the moment To cherish this feeling of life To treasure the lived seconds Your flaws and strength, Wounds forget their existence While you are blessing me here Life, you are … Continue reading Life